The IIHS Internship Program: Call for Applications

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We are now accepting internship applications.

Internship duration: 2-6 months
Internship Period: Between October 2014 and March 2015

The IIHS Internship Program provides young scholars an interdisciplinary environment of learning by participating in our on-going research and practice projects.  The IIHS Internships will enable you to learn more about your chosen field, as well as enable you to immersing yourself in other domains in a new vibrant environment of learning and doing. Inter-disciplinary projects at IIHS are based in one or more of the following themes:

  • Economic Development
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Governance and Public Policy
  • Human Development
  • Housing
  • Urban Systems and Infrastructure
  • Law and Governance
  • Climate Change
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Urban Transportation and Mobility
  • Urban Planning
  • Library, Knowledge and Information Systems
  • Campus Development and Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Publishing and Editing

These are paid positions located in Bangalore.

We are looking for candidates who are committed, willing to learn, and able to work both independently and as part of a team. Previous professional work experience and academic coursework in the chosen field will be helpful but is not a requirement to participate in the IIHS internship Program.

They will be ready to work to meet deadlines and look to make their contribution meaningful in completing a successful internship with us.

Candidates must be currently pursuing or be recent graduates with Masters or PhD degrees in any discipline relevant to the themes outlined above.

Application Process
The application process consists of a written submission and interview.
Interested candidates shall first submit the following:

  1. A one-page statement expressing their interest in up to two themes (from or related to the themes listed out above).
  2. A current CV with their educational background and skills with any relevant research and professional experience
  3. A sample of work e.g. paper, exhibit or assignment that demonstrates the ability to do independent work

Application Deadline
The Internship programme will accept applications on a rolling basis until all positions for this cycle are filled. The next deadline for applications is Friday, 31st October, 2014.

All shortlisted candidates will be informed of their selection within 2 weeks after the final scheduled interview.

Selection Criteria
The graduate student intern will spend two to six months working as part of a particular project, programme, and/or skills lab at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements in Bangalore, India.  The nature of the internship may range from participation in research, traineeship to set up systems, to a live advisory or practice project.

Interns will be selected considering:

  1. Application and supporting material submitted and interview (see above).
  2. The alignment of the candidate’s areas of interest, skills, experience, with the list of thematic areas listed out above for this round.
  3. Availability of suitable advisor, project, and teams within IIHS, for the candidate’s fit.

Diversity Policy
IIHS is an equal opportunity employer that encourages women, people with disabilities and those from economically and socially excluded communities with the requisite skills and qualifications to apply for positions.

Applications may be emailed to