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Understanding Geospatial Technology

Programme Date: 24 – 26 July, 2014 | CIDCO, Mumbai
GIS provides many basic functions for appropriate and efficient management of geo-information. Essentially, GIS supports the collection, maintenance, analysis and display of spatially related information. GIS data enable multiple viewpoints to be considered and provide the capability for dynamic query and display of information, and a more understandable representation. GIS is a perfect visualisation aid and makes model creation and interpretation easier and provides understanding that may otherwise not be achieved.

Highlights of the course

The course on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an application-oriented course designed to introduce geospatial technology to the participants. The course aims to:

  • To provide an understanding of components of Geospatial Technology and its applications
  • To equip participants with a hands-on understanding of GIS software (QGIS) and GPS hand-held devices
  • To educated participants on use of GIS software for Data creation, Enrichment, Analysis, Visualization, Management and Sharing using web platforms
  • To sensitize participants to the use of Geospatial Technology in their field of work  for better decision making

The lead faculty of the course are:


CIDCO  (City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.), a company wholly owned by the Govt. of Maharashtra is a city planning organization that undertakes development and manages land, infrastructure and property in its jurisdiction and provides premier town planning and infrastructure services. It provides basic civic amenities to all and elevates standards of living for people of all social and economic strata. Navi Mumbai is CIDCO’s most important contribution to national development via its pattern of planning area development, housing, social and physical infrastructure, and method of finance.